Award-winning schools in and around Wheaton, IL.

Exceptional Educational from Early Years to Collegiate Levels in Wheaton

Families of our Wheaton Apartments find themselves in a community where education is deeply valued across all ages. At Wheaton 121, we’re dedicated to empowering families to achieve their educational aspirations for their children, all while ensuring they enjoy the journey. With spacious living areas, a resort-like swimming pool, verdant parks, and schools that consistently exceed expectations, it’s fair to say that our Wheaton 121 provide everything a family could wish for and more.

Community Unit School District 200: Fostering a Love for Learning in All.

Wheaton is served by District 200, home to 23 educational facilities, including one early childhood center, 13 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 2 high schools.

The district’s website embodies their belief that all students are capable of learning beyond limits. They maintain that a staff that is both highly skilled and passionate is pivotal for student success. They advocate for a curriculum that is not only comprehensive and challenging but also promotes academic excellence, social well-being, self-discovery, responsible citizenship, and personal development. The schools under District 200 are characterized by long-tenured teachers who thrive in this nurturing environment, delivering benefits directly to the students and fostering active parental involvement.

Top-notch Schools in the Vicinity

A stone’s throw away from our apartments in Wheaton, Illinois, are two elementary schools, celebrated jewels of the community. Emerson Elementary School is situated nearby, renowned among teachers and parents alike. It’s a place where children joyfully walk or bike to school, where educators are both highly experienced and dedicated, and is ranked by as the 54th best elementary school in Illinois out of 2,234. Closeby, Lowell Elementary School is recognized as a “Commendable School” by the Illinois Report Card. With a majority of its teachers holding master’s degrees or higher and enjoying competitive salaries, the retention rate is high, leading to a stable and supportive environment for students and parents alike.

For middle schoolers, Franklin Middle School is merely a 2-minute drive from our Wheaton apartments. Praised for its high achievement scores and ranked among the top 50 “Best Public Middle Schools in Illinois” by, it’s nestled in a scenic neighborhood, offering a safe passage for its students.

Adolescents at our Wheaton residences have the privilege of being part of the Wheaton North High School community, affectionately known as “North” locally. Celebrated with an “A+” grade on and as a “Commendable School” by the Illinois Report Card, Wheaton North is cherished by its attendees. Students laud it as an academically superior institution, with one senior affirming the school’s inclusive and conducive environment.

Enriching Extracurriculars for Holistic Development

Wheaton encourages students to engage in extracurricular activities that extend learning outside classroom walls. Middle schoolers can join diverse clubs like “Battle of the Books”, Community Service Club, and various athletic and arts programs. Wheaton North High School offers a plethora of student activities and clubs ranging from the Architecture Club to the Environmental Club, ensuring there’s something for every interest.

Aspiring musicians and actors will find their niche in Jazz Band, Orchestra, Choir, or the annual school productions, providing ample opportunities to sharpen their artistic skills in a supportive community.

Athletic programs at Wheaton North bolster the spirits of young sports enthusiasts, offering an array of games and sports to choose from.

Wheaton College: A Premier Destination for Higher Education

Wheaton’s academic prestige extends into higher education with Wheaton College, located just a short distance from Wheaton 121 Apartments. Esteemed as a top Christian liberal arts college by US News and World Report, Forbes, and other rankings, it boasts a diverse student body and a wide range of undergraduate majors, including those offered through its Conservatory of Music.

Recognized as a ‘best buy’ by Fiske’s Guide to Colleges and ranked for ‘best quality of life’ by the Princeton Review, Wheaton College promises a nurturing campus environment for its students.

College of DuPage: Accessible Higher Education Close by

Near the Apartments at Wheaton is College of DuPage, the state’s second-largest undergraduate education provider. This community college offers an impressive array of degree programs and student clubs over a sprawling campus, catering to both full-time students and those juggling education with other commitments.

A Community United by Education

Wheaton 121 Apartments sit at the heart of a community that prioritizes education. Offering cozy and spacious apartments, stunning natural surroundings, a luxurious pool, and outdoor lounge areas, Wheaton 121 is an ideal setting for both studying and unwinding.

Book your complimentary tour today and discover the vibrant lifestyle that awaits at Wheaton 121, a place where education and community come together harmoniously.

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